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How Swap Fashions
Was Born

” Every time I cleaned my closet, I would be left with tons of clothes that I had not worn for years or had no intention of wearing. Being an ex-shopaholic, a lawyer and a new mother, either my branded clothes were out of style, or would not fit me, or had been repeated too many times (count 4 times).

It was a dilemma each time to get rid of these clothes as donating/ passing them over did not mean they were actually being utilized; infact, maybe they were being dumped in the landfills. Moreover, it also meant wasting all that money spent on buying them & the worst of all, still ‘not having anything to wear’ for the next occasion.

To break this vicious circle and to help other women with the same, I founded Swap Fashions.”

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What Our Swappers Say


It's such a nice feeling to see good stuff being made available for others to wear and enjoy at such reasonable prices.


I just loved the clothes I ordered! I found it unbelievable that they are "second hand".


Got my 2 tops (heart, heart). You guys have taken sustainable living to another level!


Swap Fashions is by far my favorite Thrift Store!