All items received by us go through a strict filtration process. 

Points are awarded within 7 days of receiving the clothes on a fair basis keeping in mind the brand, quality, price, style, and desirability of the product. Points granted to each item will be at the complete discretion of SWAP Fashions.

Points will be deducted if any item is found to be in need of upcycling or a wash.

If the item is too damaged even for upcycling/cleaning, then the same will be donated to NGOs for recycling. You do not earn any points for an item that is sent for donation. 

Please note that it is in our interest too to select as many items as possible and award as many points as possible to ensure you swap more. So be rest assured that we will do our best to award you the maximum points possible.

Points received will expire after 365 days, if not redeemed.

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