Only purchases that are covered under our Customer Protection Policy are eligible for Returns & Refunds.

You may apply for returns & refunds if:

  • Your item did not arrive
  • An incorrect item arrived
  • The item received is significantly different from what was originally listed
  • The item has visible defects that were not mentioned in the listing

You are ineligible for returns or refunds if:

  • The item did not fit you
  • You changed your mind about the item
  • Your item arrived later than expected
  • There are very minor signs of wear that are almost unnoticeable
  • You were unable to receive the item despite multiple tries by the courier partner

If you are eligible for Returns & Refunds under our Customer Protection Policy, please Email us on [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving your item.

Returns and refunds are ultimately at the discretion of Swap Fashions and eligibility for the same shall be decided on a case-to-case basis.

You may be required to provide supporting photos or videos of the item for verifying the return and refund claim.

If your return and refund request is accepted, you may be required to ship the item back to us.

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