Swapping is when you trade in your clothes, earn points for them (see below for how this works) and then use your points to buy items from the website.

Thrifting allows you to buy preloved items listed on the website by paying in INR without having to send in your own clothes.

Every item on the website has a price in ₹ and Points.  If you are thrifting, the amount in ₹ applies to you and if you are swapping and have earned points, then the amount in Points applies to you.

  • Women Western wear (branded only)
  • All clothes have to be in “New/ Next-to-new” condition only

We accept all known fashion brands. The Brand should have an online presence (website or present on e-commerce stores) with the brand logo/name present on the clothes. 

  1. Items in poor condition, e.g. stained, faded, shrunk, altered, damaged, ripped, etc.
  2. Dirty clothes (so make sure your clothes are freshly laundered)
  3. Locally made clothes bought on street side 
  4. Unbranded clothes

All items received by us go through a strict filtration process. 

Points are awarded within 7 days of receiving the clothes on a fair basis keeping in mind the brand, quality, price, style, and desirability of the product. Points granted to each item will be at the complete discretion of SWAP Fashions.

Points will be deducted if any item is found to be in need of upcycling or a wash.

If the item is too damaged even for upcycling/cleaning, then the same will be donated to NGOs for recycling. You do not earn any points for an item that is sent for donation. 

Please note that it is in our interest too to select as many items as possible and award as many points as possible to ensure you swap more. So be rest assured that we will do our best to award you the maximum points possible.

Points received will expire after 365 days, if not redeemed.

We will gladly accept this proposition and thank you for the same from the bottom of our hearts:) Donating your clothes to Swap Fashions will ensure that your precious clothes reach their right destinations where they will be loved and utilized.  Please ensure to donate only clothes “that we accept”

Yes you can, but the same rules apply.

The number of points awarded is non-negotiable as points granted to each item are at the complete discretion of SWAP Fashions. All Points are awarded on a fair basis keeping in mind the brand, quality, price, style, and desirability of the product. It is in the interest of Swap Fashions that the swappers earn more points as that will enable them to swap more. So be rest assured that we will do our best to award you the maximum points possible.

All items are washed and disinfected by steam before being put up on the website. Once an order is received for an item, the same is disinfected once again before dispatching it.

We have tried to make the RETURN process as hassle-free as possible. You can initiate a Return by emailing Swap Fashions at [email protected] within 3 days of receiving the ordered item.

Returns will not be accepted for items costing less than or equal to Rs. 500 or 300 Points. You may be required to provide supporting photos or videos of the item for verifying the return and refund claim.

Refunds only in the form of Store Credit will be provided, where Points for the equivalent amount of the item will be added to your Account.

You will need to pack the items properly and print and stick a prepaid label on the package which will be emailed to you.

If you have traded in your clothes and earned points, then you can swap any other item on the website for free. 

All you will be charged is a standard Rs. 99 shipping fee on your order.

If you have a shortfall of points then you can buy the same outfit by paying in INR.

You can later order a Swap Kit and trade in more clothes to earn more points.

Shipping is a flat Rs. 99/- on all transactions. Shipping is free for Order value of Rs. 3000 and above. Free Shipping does not apply to swapped items i.e. items bought by redeeming points.  Items will be shipped by us and received by you within 7 working days of placing the order.

10% of all sale proceeds of items listed in the Thrift for a Cause‘ category will be given to a Charity, hence the same cannot be swapped by redeeming points. So make sure you thrift as many pieces as possible from the “Thrift for a Cause” category.