How Swap Fashions Was Born

Every time I cleaned my closet, I would be left with tons of clothes that I had not worn for years or had no intention of wearing. Being an ex-shopaholic, a lawyer and a new mother, either my branded clothes were out of style, or would not fit me, or had been repeated too many times (count 4 times).

It was a dilemma each time to get rid of these clothes as donating/ passing them over did not mean they were actually being utilized; infact, maybe they were being dumped in the landfills. Moreover, it also meant wasting all that money spent on buying them & the worst of all, still ‘not having anything to wear’ for the next occasion.

To break this vicious circle and to help other women with the same, I founded Swap Fashions.

Why is Fast Fashion Bad?

Fast Fashion forms a key part of the toxic system of overproduction and consumption. The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of water supply.

Conventional cotton requires enormous quantities of water and pesticides whereas polyester, one of the most popular fabrics, is derived from fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and when washed, sheds microfibres that add to the increasing levels of plastic in the oceans. 

The speed at which garments are produced also means that more and more clothes are disposed of by consumers, creating massive textile waste. 73% of the 53 million tonnes of fibres used to make clothes and textiles are burnt or sent to landfills every single year.

Fast Fashion
About Swap Fashions

About Swap Fashions

Swap Fashions is an online Thrift Store that empowers women by enabling them to declutter their closets, upgrade their fashion quotient without burning a hole in their pockets, and to do their bit for the environment. 

Swap Fashions facilitates preloved clothes selling/swapping and thrifting as alternatives to shopping and gives a second life to unwanted clothes which would otherwise be dumped into the landfills. 

Swap Fashions enables millennial urban women to be responsible and fashionable at the same time.

Why Sell/Swap ?

You can either Sell or Swap your branded, preloved clothes with Swap Fashions. Swapping is when you give your item in exchange for another item. If you decide to sell, we will give you cash for your clothes.

1. Selling or Swapping helps women to get rid of their excess clothing, reducing clutter and improving their emotional well-being 
2. Through Selling or Swapping with Swap Fashions, unwanted items which would otherwise end up in landfills are sold or exchanged with like minded persons who cherish & utilize them.
3. Clothes get a second life thus ensuring lesser clothing wastage.

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Why Thrift?

Thrifting is buying preloved/ second-hand clothes.
1. Thrifting helps you to buy great fashion at affordable rates.
2. It not only increases the shelf life of an outfit, it also reduces the demand for new clothes in the market, thus preserving the precious resources of our environment.

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What Our Swappers Say


It's such a nice feeling to see good stuff being made available for others to wear and enjoy at such reasonable prices.


I just loved the clothes I ordered! I found it unbelievable that they are "second hand".


Got my 2 tops (heart, heart). You guys have taken sustainable living to another level!


Swap Fashions is by far my favorite Thrift Store!